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Stage 1 Software Now Available for 2014 Audi S3 Saloon. The Audi S3 Saloon shares it’s underpinnings with S3 hatch, Golf R and SEAT Leon Cupra. All based on the latest MQB chassis and running the higher powered Gen3 EA888 engine. We took delivery of our own development vehicle part way through our testing program on the Golf R so hit the ground running and completed development and testing with the Golf, S3 and Leon side by side. Mechanically the S3 saloon is the same as the hatchback, but the brains and therefore calibration can differ between the two. The saloon typically running a Simos18 ECU and the hatch a Simos12 ECU, the later is currently going through our development process. * Our Stage1 software doesn’t just give you power and torque gains, we spend countless hours and put 1000s of miles onto development vehicles in varying climatic conditions to ensure you have useable performance, with increased driveability to give you the car as it should have come from the factory. A Revo Stage1 S3 will leave that CLA45 AMG behind and will upset its bigger brother the S4. • +75bhp • +68lbft • OBD Port Flash (No ECU removal) • SPS switch-ability • Fuel specific performance modes • Revo Power and Refinement [ *Please note: This can vary in some territories. Tuning for vehicles fitted with the Simos12 ECU will follow once calibration is complete] For further details about this product, pricing and to locate your nearest Revo dealer visit our website: #teamrevo #revo #8V #e888 #tsi #remap #tuning #audi Graphs shows AWHP. - View Image
Great comparison on our switch-able performance software for the 8P S3 2.0TFSI carried out by the The Performance Centre. ''This customer came to us after having a very cheap remap which was flashed to his ECU in the street outside a 'tuners' house on a housing estate. Today we have deleted the very poor map that was installed and replaced it with REVO stage1 software, the graph speaks for itself. The REVO stg1 made 38 ftlb of torque and 30bhp over and above the cheap remap. #goplay #gameover #teamrevo #performancecentre #dyno #buycheapbuytwice'' For more info please take a look at our website - View Image
Congratulations to The Zangari brothers on winning the Autodromo Imola Race Circuit round of the Campionato italian Turismo endurance series in their revo Stage 2+ Leon Supa Copa built by Revo Performance - Italia. For details on our 2.0TFSI K03+ K04 Software Please visit our website #teamrevo #revo #revoperformance #seat #seatleon #cupra #supacopa #seatsport SEAT Club Dubai SEAT SEAT España SEAT Sport - View Image
German Golf 7R prepared by running revo Stage 1 performance software and an uprated intercooler. 100-200KPH in 10.99 #fast Software details containing regional pricing and revo dealer locator can be found here #revo #revoperformance #teamrevo #goplay #germany #7r #golfr Golf 7 r20 Volkswagen Volkswagen Motorsport Volkswagen USA Volkswagen Tuning R Forum - View Image