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Our mission is to produce unique and innovative hardware and software automotive products that improve the performance, drivability and responsiveness, against a manufacturer specification vehicle. We aspire to give the every-day driver a sense of distinction from the standard and to put a broad smile on their face every time they drive. Whether on the road, at a track day, or on the drag strip, Revo delivers your trusted Performance Advantage.


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Great comparison on our switch-able performance software for the 8P S3 2.0TFSI carried out by the The Performance Centre. ''This customer came to us after having a very cheap remap which was flashed to his ECU in the street outside a 'tuners' house on a housing estate. Today we have deleted the very poor map that was installed and replaced it with REVO stage1 software, the graph speaks for itself. The REVO stg1 made 38 ftlb of torque and 30bhp over and above the cheap remap. #goplay #gameover #teamrevo #performancecentre #dyno #buycheapbuytwice'' For more info please take a look at our website - View Image
Congratulations to The Zangari brothers on winning the Autodromo Imola Race Circuit round of the Campionato italian Turismo endurance series in their revo Stage 2+ Leon Supa Copa built by Revo Performance - Italia. For details on our 2.0TFSI K03+ K04 Software Please visit our website #teamrevo #revo #revoperformance #seat #seatleon #cupra #supacopa #seatsport SEAT Club Dubai SEAT SEAT EspaƱa SEAT Sport - View Image
German Golf 7R prepared by running revo Stage 1 performance software and an uprated intercooler. 100-200KPH in 10.99 #fast Software details containing regional pricing and revo dealer locator can be found here #revo #revoperformance #teamrevo #goplay #germany #7r #golfr Golf 7 r20 Volkswagen Volkswagen Motorsport Volkswagen USA Volkswagen Tuning R Forum - View Image
** Revo Brake Kits by Alcon.. Back in stock! ** All sizes are now available in 3 colours RED, BLACK and SILVER Visit the link below to view pricing, and find your nearest dealer! #GoPlay #TeamRevo #Revoperformance #Revobrakes #Alcon - View Image