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Stage 2+ Audi S3

27th May 2010

When I pre-ordered my Audi S3 back in mid 2006 (no cars available to test in the UK), I had fairly high aspirations based on the quoted performance figures. An hour behind the wheel presented a very painful realisation that I’d spent over £30k on what felt like very much the wrong car. Whilst competent, it lacked driver involvement, any sense of real sparkle, and at that point I had very real doubts as to whether the car should even be entitled to wear the ‘S’ badge Audi had bestowed upon it.

I decided in order make the most of an unfavourable situation, the only option that made sense was to follow the modification route to try and extract the best from the potential from the car. After initial engagements with a tuning supplier recommended by my Audi dealer, I didn’t feel the car was progressing in the direction I was hoping for. I decided to cut my losses and contact Revo who had worked wonders on a previous car I owned (Leon Cupra R Mk1 – Stage 2). 

Revo listened to my frustrations, and ensured me the product they were developing for stage 1 should address my dissatisfaction (their code was in final development testing). True to their word, the stage 1 map turned out to be a significant improvement for the car, and as subsequent releases of staged code have become available (2 and 2+), the car has evolved way beyond any expectations of what could be achieved on this platform without significant or evasive modification. The car now delivers nigh on supercar performance, and only the suspension and handling departments (which sit outside Revo’s remit) currently let it down!

Modification is not a route I’d planned to take with the S3 due to the expense of initial purchase. The problem as I see it is that modern cars are heavy, riddled with over-active compensatory electronic safety nets, and strangled by eco targets. This significantly blunts a cars performance, and delivers a car that will fail to thrill anyone who is truly passionate about driving. Therefore to ensure I tackled the task with the appropriate support on hand I wanted a UK based tuner who could provide technical support in times where my manufacturer warranty had been compromised. In the very rare cases I have had questions, the guys at Revo HQ in Daventry have always been proactive in providing me with valuable information about upgrade path options, and offering useful advice of how to get any issues resolved where Audi service have been unable to help out.

The investment in Revo Stage 2+ has addressed my performance issue completely, and delivered a car that I genuinely enjoy driving whether commuting or driving for pleasure. I’ve now covered 40,000 miles and still enjoy it as much today as ever; for such a moderate investment this can only ever be a good thing. Whereas I had doubts the original S3 was ever worthy of an ‘S’ badge, with stage 2+ it could just be worth of an RS one! One very happy customer!