3.0TFSI Development Sales Support

Back in 2009 we recognized the tuning potential of Audi’s 3.0 V6 S4/S5 platform and set out to explore the new Simos 8 engine control module. In order to have truly unrestricted access to a test platform, we invested in the purchase of our first test vehicle, which would be heavily utilized in our development process to identify the long terms effects of engine stress and wear within our performance requests. Over an 18 month pre-release testing period not one, but three vehicles (two S4’s and an S5 Sportback) were privately purchased and exploited through extensive dynamometer, on-road, and track testing accumulating more than 30,000 aggressive miles.

In addition to testing with our own vehicles, we enlisted a number of our top dealers and customers across several continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, to participate in further testing to develop calibrations that suit a variety of regional climates, fuel qualities, and driving conditions. Through our own in-house tools our team of engineers are able to readily examine every table of code contained within the ECU’s not just Data Area, to set about maximizing the performance gains through a strict criteria that examines boost pressures, air fuel ratios, and timing parameters to develop calibrations that offer unmatched performance and OEM like drivability. This means that we expose our test vehicles to all of the potential driving styles and conditions that we imagine our customers can find. Beyond logging miles on the roads and highways that you are sure to see in your daily commute, track testing is an integral part of the Revo Technik development and quality testing process.

In July 2013 Revo released a new OBD port flash tool for Simos 8.4/8.5 ECUs to our dealer network, where previously the ECU (Engine Control Unit) needed to be removed from the vehicle and opened in order to bypass factory ECU security it can now be flashed directly through the OBD port without the ECU having to be accessed. To this day Revo are one of few tuners who give their global dealer network access to upgrade these vehicles through the OBD port.

We continue to run 3.0TFSI vehicles on our fleet and continue to develope and test new products.