Do I need to have my vehicle 'rolling roaded' before and after I have software installed? Sales Support

In simple terms, no your vehicle doesn’t need to be tested on a rolling road.

Our R&D department spend hours on the road, track and rolling roads during test and development before the software is released to the public so before the software is released to you, it’s already been tested and proven in house.

What is important is a road test and inspection of the vehicle before it's flashed, all our dealers are capable of checking over your vehicle to see if there are any obvious issues that need addressing prior to Revo software being installed. This test can also be performed on a rolling road but it is not a necessity.

The peak numbers you get on a rolling road are typically referred to as ‘Pub Talk’ numbers; who has the most power and torque! In reality the Peak numbers are largely irrelevant; it's the power/torque throughout the rev range and the power delivery that's important the peak number gives very little indication to how capable a vehicle is or how well it drives. Unfortunately there’s a lack of understanding in the industry and still a requirement to quote peak figures?

When Revo and our dealers set vehicles up on the road, we are data logging and feeling how to car drives to get the most from it for you the driver, not just trying to chase a peak number.

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