How long does it take to install Revo software? Sales Support

The overall Revo Software Installation can take between 1 - 3 hours dependant on the specific vehicle.  The normal process starts with the vehicle being visually inspected, test driven and checked with diagnostic equipment for any underlying faults, the vehicle is then flashed via the OBD port and then data logged and setup.  Typically this process can be completed within 1 hour; however there are always exceptions to the rules.

Revo are one of very few companies that offer an ODB Port Flash solution for 2010 onwards vehicles that have 'Anti-tuning Security, most tuning companies have to remove and crack open the vehicles ECU whereas we can flash straight through the diagnostic port without needing to physically alter anything on your car.

The above is a guideline only, some dealers prefer to have vehicles booked in for a longer period of time to ensure nothing is rushed. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Authorised Revo Dealer for more information