Linear Throttle Sales Support

The standard throttle mapping on the majority of modern vehicles is setup to be very responsive to minor throttle input. This makes the vehicle feel more powerful as you get a sudden surge when you initially press the pedal. For general daily driving this is a great setup and makes driving quickly almost effortless. 

When you start using a vehicle on the track or for spirited driving on your favourite country roads the standard throttle mapping can become a hindrance. Add the additional power that our customers run over a stock vehicle and for some the standard throttle mapping can be over sensitive. This is where a linear throttle map is beneficial. 

A linear throttle map is setup to give closer to a 1 : 1 ratio between the throttle angle and engine load.  This gives the driver much more control as it allows for a much wider range of throttle modulation. 

The below graph is indicative of the differences between stock and linear throttle:

Ultimate Control

The below comments are from customers that have used both normal and linear throttle software and sum up the linear throttle option:

Customer A “The linear throttle map initially made my car feel a bit flat as I wasn’t used to having to put my foot down fully to feel the full power from the engine, now I’ve got used to it I don’t think I ever want to drive a car with normal ‘marketing’ throttle mapping.”

Customer B “I don’t know how I did without a linear throttle map before, I now feel like I’m actually driving the car as I can use the pedal to get the most traction out of corners. Not only that I've found on longer journeys I'm not using the engine as much and am getting much better fuel economy”

Customer C “The linear throttle map has completely transformed my car, if you class yourself as a ‘driver’ then it’s a must have. It’s much more enjoyable to drive, you can actually make small throttle adjustments mid corner whilst still being in control.”

The choice is yours as a customer, there is no additional cost to have linear throttle however dealers reserve the right to charge a fee if you choose to swap between maps.

 ** Note: Not available for all software **