1.4TSI Twincharger Engine Issues Technical Support

1.4TSI Twincharger Known Issues


This page is a collation of engine issues that have been seen on both the newer generation Euro5 compliant 1.4TSI – Twincharger engines. Certain issues have been addressed by the manufacturer as described below.


Revo Dealers have been advised to NOT flash Revo software onto the ECU if they see any vehicle with these issues without the issues being rectified. 

  • Misfiring when cold and vehicle is in warm up state – factory update issued
  • Misfiring due to faulty coilpacks – certain batches of coilpacks were recognised as faulty and would be replaced under warranty
  • Misfiring due to faulty plugs
  • Misfiring due to faulty injectors – there was an injector part number change early 2010 newer injectors are believed to have a more efficient spray pattern to prevent excessive depositing on the piston crown. Injectors were also changed to solve misfire issue along with a factory software update.
  • Excessive Oil Consumption - although not officially recognised there have been a large number of engines replaced due to excessive oil consumption issues. In some cases nearly new vehicles have had new piston rings installed by the main dealer
  • Water Pump Failures
  • Crankshaft bearing play which can lead to bore wear and piston/piston ring damage

NOTE: there have been numerous cases where completely standard vehicles have suffered from misfires and un-burnt fuel in the cylinder has caused bore-wash leading to piston/piston ring damage.

NOTE: this is not a full extensive list of 'all' problems related to this engine, just a list of potential issues. Most vehicles have had issues rectified. The biggest concern is excessive oil consumption as it can indicate underlying issues that could cause much more damage at a future date.

Not all vehicles suffer from these issues however it’s very important to be aware of the issues prior to upgrading the vehicle so you can look out for symptoms of any potential problems. Any issue seen on a standard vehicle will be accentuated if the vehicle is run at a higher level of tune.