2.0TFSI HP Fuel Pump Issues Technical Support

Vehicles Affected – K03 and K04 2.0L TFSI engines as found in any Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda and any other vehicle using the VW 2.0TFSI engine (e.g. KTM Xbow).

Cam Follower Wear

  • On all 2.0TFSI vehicles Revo recommend a visual inspection of the cam follower to be done at least each service.
  • On Stage2+ and above specification cars running up-rated high pressure fuel pumps Revo recommend a visual inspection every 5000miles.
  • On vehicles being used on the race track Revo recommends a visual inspection after each event.

The high pressure fuel pump can be affected by excessive wear of the cam lobe and the follower that drive the pump. The factory solution is to increase the hardening of the cam lobe, as of 2006 all 2.0TFSI’s have harder cam lobes.

This issue can be seen on standard and remapped vehicles. This affects the OE fuel pump and all versions of aftermarket up-rated fuel pumps. This issue is not a direct result of remapping. However, extended periods at very high RPM – such as aggressive track day driving – can cause rapid deterioration thus the recommended service inspections.


The above shows a worn cam-follower and the effect on the cam-lobe of not replacing the follower.


HPFP Seals 

The second failure mode is for the seals in the pump to fail and for fuel to leak from the pump into the engine. This will dilute the oil and eventually cause spun bearings if the warning signs are ignored. Symptoms will include heavier than expected fuel usage and the smell of petrol in the oil, and then main bearing noise.

If this issue occurs the complete fuel pump assembly will need to be replaced, and change the oil and filter. If there is any engine bearing noise then the sump will need to be removed and the bearings checked for wear.


These issues are more prevalent on some aftermarket high pressure fuel pump kits than others, however all OE and aftermarket TFSI fuel pumps are affected by these issues. There is no reason for Revo software to be recalled in relation to TFSI fuel pump failure.