Revo Locking ECUs Technical Support



The tuning market can be a minefield for a customer looking to have their car tuned. There are a vast number of tuning tools easily available to purchase by anyone that wants to, this unfortunately means the market is littered with companies with vastly different capabilities and a lot of companies with little to no knowledge or experience of the ECUs (or Engines!) they are working with.




There have been cases where so called ‘tuning’ companies try to claim that Revo lock customers ECUs which then prevents any other tuner being able to tune the ECU.




Revo do not lockout anyone from flashing an ECU, if you were to take any Revo’d vehicle to a main dealer or any tuner that has even just basic knowledge of the ECU and a capable flashing tool they would be able to flash a full stock or modified file onto a previously Revo’d ECU.


On some ECU’s we do block readout, just to prevent these uneducated ‘tuners’ from copying our files. However you don’t need to read an ECU to write a factory file or fully tuned file into it.




The only issues we see are when a ‘tuner’ has limited tooling and doesn’t have the ability to write a full factory to an ECU. Some tools only allow the user to flash or read a small part of the ECU file, (sometimes referred to as the data area). On a completely standard car they would be able to make minor changes and put them back in but on a modified ECU their limitations prevent them doing anything. In most of these cases the ‘tuner’ is not doing any actual tuning but either relying on sending a partial read to someone to ‘modify’ or copying in something that has been done elsewhere. Any ‘tuner’ that claims Revo locks ECUs is really announcing the fact that they don’t have the knowledge or ability to work with the ECU, and it often turns out the claim is propaganda to attempt to sway potential Revo customers to themselves.




All Revo dealers have the ability to write a full factory ECU file to any ECU we cater for. This also means they can perform factory ECU updates to your vehicle.